This past year has brought some significant changes to Social Security. Some of the popular planning techniques used by couples have been eliminated and modified. Planning when to take Social Security can have lifetime implications. Educating yourself about all the options you have available to you is very important if you are looking to retire.

The considerations prospective retirees have to deal with include:

• If you are retiring before your full retirement age will you be working part-time?
• If you are married, is your spouse planning to take his/her Social Security early?
• What other sources of income will you have in retirement?
• If you are under age 65, will you keep your employer provided healthcare until Medicare begins?

Going into detail regarding all of these questions is too lengthy for this blog post. To help all of our clients with questions about Social Security and other personal financial matters, we are hosting a series of webinars, the first one on June 22nd from 12 – 1 PM and from 7 – 8 PM Eastern. Click the time you’re interested in attending!

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