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As financial planning professionals, we know the importance of understanding the latest tax laws, product offerings, and strategies in the industry. Culled from our own ongoing research and education, we offer our clients select and relevant information via the links below – content we believe you will find interesting and informative. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these topics in detail or with any questions you may have at all.
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Female Family CFOs – We Are Here For You

In many of the families that we work with, the mother (or wife), is the person who takes care of the finances and makes investment decisions.  These women, as well the single or widowed women we work with, handle significant responsibilities.  These responsibilities...

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5 Medicare Changes You Need To Know About

The Centers for Medicare Services announced on Thursday the changes that will go into effect for Medicare recipients for 2017.  First the Part A deductible will be increasing by $28 from $1,288 to $1,316 and the Part B deductible will be increasing by $16 from $166 to...

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How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

By Jill Krasny Published September 22, 2016 Personal Finance With so many tempting credit card offers out there — we’re looking at you, Chase Sapphire Reserve — who wouldn’t want to take advantage of them and sign up? But some consumers may have reason to...

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