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Retirement Income Planning

You worked 20, 30, 40 or more years to accumulate assets in retirement accounts and elsewhere. Now what?? The things you need to do with your money in retirement are very different than what you were doing while working. Developing and implementing a customized plan where we turn your assets into income is the focus of this service.  The focus is on providing you with a plan where we convert your retirement years into buckets where you have dependable “retirement paychecks” and the confidence to live life on your terms.

Estate and Elder Care Planning

With significant increases in life expectancy this area of planning has taken on greater importance.  Developing an estate planning strategy that makes sure your assets go where you intended while not incurring unnecessary taxation is the ultimate goal.  While you are still alive there are a myriad of issues that we can assist with such as planning for long-term care, assisting with downsizing decisions, evaluating retirement communities, and ensuring your legal documents and beneficiary designations match your planning priorities.

Financial Planning

Whatever stage of life you are in our financial planning services can help you prioritize and work towards your goals. The planning areas we help with include budgeting and debt management, college planning, 401k fund recommendations, etc.

Tax Planning and Preparation

As tax practitioners we always look at tax ramifications in every aspect of financial planning.  Our experience as Certified Public Accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents provide a foundation that most financial advisory practices do not have.  If you need help in the preparation of a personal or business tax return just give us a call.

Pre-Retirement Planning

Planning in the years before retirement focuses on helping you accumulate as much as you can in assets.  Evaluating how your retirement accounts are split between the various asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) can have a huge impact on how much you will have.  For those close to retirement (within 5-7 years) we look to eliminate any unnecessary risks.  We refer to this time period as the Retirement Danger Zone.  Retiring just as, or before a big market decline can put your retirement at risk.  Let us help you evaluate the risk you are taking.

Investment Management

This service area is very important but oftentimes is being done in conjunction with several other services.  The focus here is on identifying the right investment mix for your portfolio based on your risk profile and plans for the money.  The individual investments are monitored constantly with changes being made on an as needed basis.

Insurance planning

Ensuring you have the insurance coverage you need now and in the future is the focus of this service. These coverages include but are not limited to life, health, Medicare, disability, long-term care, homeowners/renters and auto insurance. 

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