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As financial planning professionals, we know the importance of understanding the latest tax laws, product offerings, and strategies in the industry. Culled from our own ongoing research and education, we offer our clients select and relevant information via the links below – content we believe you will find interesting and informative. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these topics in detail or with any questions you may have at all.
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The A, B, C, & D of Medicare

Breaking down the basics & what each part covers. Whether your 65th birthday is on the horizon or decades away, you should understand the parts of Medicare – what they cover, and where they come from. Parts A & B: Original Medicare. America’s national health...

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Managing Drug Costs

How can households meet the challenge? Are prescription drug costs burdening your finances? This problem is far too common today. Consider the price tag of some of the drugs used to treat arthritis, hepatitis C, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. A Kaiser Family...

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Use This Annual Exclusion by December 31st!

Under current federal tax law, in 2016, you can take advantage of an annual exclusion to give up to $14,000 to as many individuals as you want without paying gift tax. If you're married and your spouse joins in the gift, you can, as a couple, elect to give $28,000 to...

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When 20% off your purchase is a bad deal

by Kathryn Vasel   @KathrynVaselOctober 25, 2016: 1:13 PM ET It's an enticing offer: "Do you want to save 20% today by opening up an [insert store name here] credit card?" Store-branded credit cards can seem like a good deal when you're about to make a big purchase....

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How To Be a Successful Saver

How much money did you save last year? If your savings fell short of your goals, don't give up. You can still take charge of your financial future. Here are tips to become a successful saver.  Set goals. Give your saving a purpose. Do you want to accumulate an...

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